SJM Day 6

I’m nearly at the end of my first week of Super Juice Me, and it’s suddenly got much easier. If you’ve been keeping up to date you’ll know I’ve been away on a course for the last couple of days – I was dreading the sandwich lunches, but yesterday I was quite happy to take my juice and sit with everyone as they ate. It’s going to sound weird, but I was still able to enjoy the smell of the food without wanting to eat it!

Yesterday evening was tough though – we finished at 4pm and I then had to drive home, which took four and a half hours. I would normally have a juice around 4pm, so I took it in the car with me and sipped it as I drove (whilst stopped at traffic lights, of course!) but by the time I got home at half eight I was desperate for some comfort, so instead of another juice I had a big bowl of hot soup – heaven! (It did strike me as I was eating it that I wouldn’t normally be so grateful for soup at the end of the day, especially as my husband was eating sausages again!)

Have a good weekend everyone, keep juicing!

Cat x


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