Super Juice Me Day 2

Wow. Day 1 was tough. Naively, I’d expected to be fine on Day 1, and find Day 2 really hard – with the theory that the momentum and excitement of it all would carry me through the first day. NOPE!

Things that made it worse:

– having leftover Christmas sweets lying around the house, which ironically were left over because I didn’t fancy eating them over Christmas, but my brain suddenly went in to ‘diet’ mentality and started craving all the things I’d been completely uninterested in two days ago

– knowing all day that my husband was going to come home from work and cook a massive plate of sausages for dinner. (Funnily enough, it wasn’t as bad as I’d thought when it actually happened..!)

– having a rotten cold, on top of a MASSIVE detox headache

On the up-side, I do feel much better today; still quite tired but I suspect that’s from getting over the cold as much as anything. I put a massive wedge of ginger in to my morning shot this morning – nearly blew my head off(!) but I can at least breathe through both nostrils again.. for the first time this year, in fact!

It’s a bit of a weird feeling, knowing that I’m going to go for the next 27 days without eating. I’ve done it before, but only for 7 days, so the end was pretty much in sight right from the start – but even still, I remember finding it really hard to get all the way through. 28 days seems like such a long time not to eat I don’t think my brain has actually comprehended it yet! Perhaps I’ll have a sudden realisation in a few days time.. or perhaps I’m just pacing myself. (I hope it’s that.)

I’ll keep this short today I think, and leave it there. Day 1 done, only 27 to go…


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